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Bluestone Driveway Contractors Tonbridge

Bluestone driveways are very elegant, whether in gravel, tile or solid slab format and add a certain sense of elegance to any home. Bluestone is a sort of sandstone, a sedimentary stone consisting of several layers of ancient sand deposits.

Its big advantage as a building material is in its strength and beauty, as well as the easiness with which it can be trimmed and shaped to suit almost any requirement.

Bluestone is named for its colour, which starts as a deep blue but will discolour over a period and with regular sun exposure, to a slight tint of grey. In driveway installation, bluestone comes in several shapes and sizes: it can be crumpled into gravel or cut into tiles to form complex patterns, or left in bigger slabs. Each of these brings a unique look and different benefits; bluestone gravel, for instance, shares more features in common with more common gravel – porousness, regular required maintenance – than it does with solid bluestone.

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