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Sandstone Driveway Contractors Tonbridge

Sandstone driveways are amongst the most attractive stone driveways used in the world, presenting a simple and beautiful look to any property. Sandstone, also identified as arenite, is a sedimentary rock created by erosion, and is consequently located in quarries beside the sea, or wherever ancient seas used to exist.

Because of its comparatively high stability to weather, and the efficiency with which it is cut, sandstone is an attractive driveway construction material. It also comes in an exceptionally extensive range of colors, allowing it to easily to accommodate the color of the driveway to the style of your property; furthermore, sandstone color is profoundly linked with the district in which it was quarried, indicating your driveway can be a natural extension of the landscape, being highly sought after among homeowners.

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Sandstone can also be smashed into gravel, made into stones or adopted in larger slabs, however, the bigger the entire stone, the bigger the price of the driveway. In stone or slab construction, sandstone is very strong, and therefore handles the weight of constant vehicle traffic with ease. Besides, they are remarkably weather resistant, making them an attractive choice for all climates.

Because of their strength and elegant beauty, sandstone driveways are valued among homeowners throughout. They are comparatively expensive, however, but the price is offset by the many advantages they present upon the property, including an improved kerb appeal that can add to resale value.

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